Ideas And Tips To Help You Landscape Along Your Fence Line

When it comes to having a lawn that is healthy, wonderful, and well-maintained, you shouldn’t think about working only on specific areas of it.

Rather, every area of your lawn should look as tidy as possible, as it will make everything appear a lot more organized and appealing in the long run.

One of the areas you should pay attention to the most is your fence line. There are some property owners who simply feel that a fence would be more than enough as a general enhancement feature for any outdoor area.

landscaping around the fence

However, according to landscaping professionals who provide lawn and garden care services in Sydney, this space can be made to be even more beautiful by following a few simple tips, such as the following:


Clean Up

Take the time to get rid of any debris and/or brush, such as weeds, in the area of your fence line before you begin to plant anything there.

In order to help you with this task, consider using a weed trimmer to help with the removal of grass and weeds that may be growing next to the fence.


Utilize the Fence Line

A fence line is the best area to think about growing not only ornamental plants, but also vegetable garden beds that are both long and narrow.

This will help to make the space functional by producing your own food, as well as enhancing the overall look of the area as well.

Plant Vines

Consider planting vines, especially if you are looking to cover up certain areas of your fence, especially some areas that may be old and/or rotting away.

Vines such as trumpet vine or bougainvillea are designed to naturally grow upward and will not only soften the wood itself, but will also add a pop of color to the fence.


Grass on the Fence

Ornamental grass such as muhly grass or cape thatching reed are the best types of plants to be grown along a fence line if you are thinking of growing plants in this area.

As these plants grow, they will work to cover larger areas of your fence, as well as add both texture and movement to the area in which they occupy.


Flowers & Herbs

If you wish to have blooming flowers along your fence line, consider pairing ornamental grasses alongside flowers such as hydrangeas or poppies.

Alternatively, you could also consider growing different herbs, such as lavender or chives, as many of these are great for all sorts of border gardens.


Planter Boxes

Planter pots are also wonderful decorative features for fence lines. Simply place pots that are large in shape and decorative along your fence line, while, at the same time, also ensuring that each pot is evenly placed along the privacy structure itself.

Growing a different variety of plants in a single pot is a great way to add a sense of both color and visual interest.



Decorative garden fixtures, such as metal lanterns, are another great way to help improve the look of both your fence line and your entire outdoor space.

If you wish to take this route, however, make sure that you select something lightweight, as anything heavy will more than likely cause your fence to lean. Furthermore, ensure that all of the pieces are properly and securely screwed into the wood of your fence.