Top Amenities To Look For In A Storage Facility

During concrete resurfacing or renovating your floor, there is a need to find a place that is safe and accessible to store household or business items. Self-storage unit facilities have emerged as an essential.

However, you need not worry because several self-storage facilities are available to offer safe and clean storage space for all your personal belonging.

A lot of people enjoy multiple benefits from hiring these services. Hence, this article briefly describes every single benefit, so you can determine if self-storage may work out for you as well.

  • Premium Security

Security arrangements are the primary concern of those who are entrusting their personal possessions to these facilities. Most storing areas are well secured whereby you can only have access via an electronic keypad code.

These facilities also have video camera surveillance systems, for monitoring and recording movements inside the facilities.

Other security measures installed include; door alarms, smoke and fire detectors. These measures give assurance that all personal items stored are highly secured.

  • Climate Controlled Units

If you are willing to store valuable and climate sensitive objects, you should go for climate controlled units. You have an option of selecting regular storage units or climate controlled ones.

Climate controlled units maintain a constant temperature as well as humidity. Therefore, this ensures that your furniture is free from mold and mildew, while your sensitive electronic equipment, is free from dust.

  • Conferencing Solutions

Some self-storage facilities avail conference centers. These centers are of great benefit when you may need to deliver a package during business hours.

They also provide an on-site location for meetings as well as access to technology equipment such as phones and computers to enhance effective communication.

  • Vehicle Storage

Not only do self-storage facilities offer storage for your household possessions, but also storage for vehicles. They have ample space for car storage, boat storage, as well as recreational vehicles storage. These are more affordable than leasing private garages.

To ensure that your boat and recreational vehicle are safe, most storing facilities have indoor boat storage, as well as recreational vehicle storage arrangements.

If you need to use your car regularly, you may prefer outside storing, as this will cost you a less rental. However, most facilities have an interior car storage.

  • Quality Customer Service

Other than providing storage units for your possessions, self-storing facilities also offer packing and moving services. Therefore, you can order for packing and moving supplies along with storage facilities.

For better customer service, most companies offer free automatic credit card billing system. Hence, you can book your storage facility over the phone or through an online reservation service.

Self-storage companies also give their clients the freedom to access their rented space and belongings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and even during holidays. As a customer, you are given access to the facilities’ main entrance so you can access your belongings any time you wish to do so.

In conclusion, when it comes to rental pricing, it is easy to negotiate for a price that is agreeable to your budget. Look around and compare amenities and prices and negotiate a better deal for you.

If you are looking at getting bigger discounts, it would be better to go for a long term lease. However, short term and midterm leasing arrangements are also possible.