Ideas And Tips To Help You Landscape Along Your Fence Line

When it comes to having a lawn that is healthy, wonderful, and well-maintained, you shouldn’t think about working only on specific areas of it.

Rather, every area of your lawn should look as tidy as possible, as it will make everything appear a lot more organized and appealing in the long run.

One of the areas you should pay attention to the most is your fence line. There are some property owners who simply feel that a fence would be more than enough as a general enhancement feature for any outdoor area.

landscaping around the fence

However, according to landscaping professionals who provide lawn and garden care services in Sydney, this space can be made to be even more beautiful by following a few simple tips, such as the following:


Clean Up

Take the time to get rid of any debris and/or brush, such as weeds, in the area of your fence line before you begin to plant anything there.

In order to help you with this task, consider using a weed trimmer to help with the removal of grass and weeds that may be growing next to the fence.


Utilize the Fence Line

A fence line is the best area to think about growing not only ornamental plants, but also vegetable garden beds that are both long and narrow.

This will help to make the space functional by producing your own food, as well as enhancing the overall look of the area as well.

Plant Vines

Consider planting vines, especially if you are looking to cover up certain areas of your fence, especially some areas that may be old and/or rotting away.

Vines such as trumpet vine or bougainvillea are designed to naturally grow upward and will not only soften the wood itself, but will also add a pop of color to the fence.


Grass on the Fence

Ornamental grass such as muhly grass or cape thatching reed are the best types of plants to be grown along a fence line if you are thinking of growing plants in this area.

As these plants grow, they will work to cover larger areas of your fence, as well as add both texture and movement to the area in which they occupy.


Flowers & Herbs

If you wish to have blooming flowers along your fence line, consider pairing ornamental grasses alongside flowers such as hydrangeas or poppies.

Alternatively, you could also consider growing different herbs, such as lavender or chives, as many of these are great for all sorts of border gardens.


Planter Boxes

Planter pots are also wonderful decorative features for fence lines. Simply place pots that are large in shape and decorative along your fence line, while, at the same time, also ensuring that each pot is evenly placed along the privacy structure itself.

Growing a different variety of plants in a single pot is a great way to add a sense of both color and visual interest.



Decorative garden fixtures, such as metal lanterns, are another great way to help improve the look of both your fence line and your entire outdoor space.

If you wish to take this route, however, make sure that you select something lightweight, as anything heavy will more than likely cause your fence to lean. Furthermore, ensure that all of the pieces are properly and securely screwed into the wood of your fence.

Variety of Beautiful Bathroom Mirrors

Can you imagine a bathroom without a mirror? Of course not! A mirror is a fundamental object in every bathroom which is a big reason why people spend a lot of time and energy on bathroom mirrors.


large bathroom mirrors


These Sydney mirrors are found both online as well as in conventional stores and they are available in various designs, shapes, colors, and styles.

Choosing the right one involves the consideration of the type of your bathroom, position of the windows, and most importantly your personal preferences. The ground rule to buy a mirror is to avoid the low-quality ones that distort your original appearance and get stain marks within a short time after installation.

Besides, creative people can also customize their bathroom mirrors to give them a touch of uniqueness. You will also find several types of bathroom mirror frames having beautiful designs that add to their beauty. However, while buying a mirror, make sure it compliments the bathroom paint and provides an optimum level of luminosity.



Various Types of Bathroom Mirrors

If you want to remodel your bathroom or enhance its look, go for a stylish bathroom mirror since it can make a radical change in the overall space.

You can choose a simple or decorative mirror depending on the style and space available in your bathroom.

Here are few common types of bathroom mirrors that are in use lately:-

  1. Cabinet Mirrors

The cabinet mirrors are quite popular and most commonly used these days. You can hang them over the sink or vanity to save space. They are very useful and comparatively more functional than other mirrors.


  1. Heated/ Fog-off Mirrors

Heated mirrors have great functionality when it comes to removing fog or mist out of their surface.

They are also capable of reducing the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms on the mirrors. These mirrors are mostly used in the restaurants, dental clinics, and hospitals.


  1. LED Illuminated Mirrors

These mirrors are one of the latest types that are used to provide a luxurious effect on the bathroom wall and serve some extra features, unlike the ordinary mirrors.

LED mirrors are available in different shapes, styles, and levels of luminosity. They are resistant to moisture and popular for their durability.


  1. Wooden mirrors

Wooden mirrors are popular for their unique aesthetic property. They enhance the beauty of the place where they’re installed which is why people use these mirrors in their living or dining room as well.

Wooden mirrors can create the feel of charm in anyone’s mind due to their elegance.

Mirrors having studded designs are famous these days. Also, there are lots of mirror frames to choose from. Apply your imagination power to pick out the best from the masses so that it looks perfect on your bathroom wall.

Top Amenities To Look For In A Storage Facility

During concrete resurfacing or renovating your floor, there is a need to find a place that is safe and accessible to store household or business items. Self-storage unit facilities have emerged as an essential.

However, you need not worry because several self-storage facilities are available to offer safe and clean storage space for all your personal belonging.

A lot of people enjoy multiple benefits from hiring these services. Hence, this article briefly describes every single benefit, so you can determine if self-storage may work out for you as well.

  • Premium Security

Security arrangements are the primary concern of those who are entrusting their personal possessions to these facilities. Most storing areas are well secured whereby you can only have access via an electronic keypad code.

These facilities also have video camera surveillance systems, for monitoring and recording movements inside the facilities.

Other security measures installed include; door alarms, smoke and fire detectors. These measures give assurance that all personal items stored are highly secured.

  • Climate Controlled Units

If you are willing to store valuable and climate sensitive objects, you should go for climate controlled units. You have an option of selecting regular storage units or climate controlled ones.

Climate controlled units maintain a constant temperature as well as humidity. Therefore, this ensures that your furniture is free from mold and mildew, while your sensitive electronic equipment, is free from dust.

  • Conferencing Solutions

Some self-storage facilities avail conference centers. These centers are of great benefit when you may need to deliver a package during business hours.

They also provide an on-site location for meetings as well as access to technology equipment such as phones and computers to enhance effective communication.

  • Vehicle Storage

Not only do self-storage facilities offer storage for your household possessions, but also storage for vehicles. They have ample space for car storage, boat storage, as well as recreational vehicles storage. These are more affordable than leasing private garages.

To ensure that your boat and recreational vehicle are safe, most storing facilities have indoor boat storage, as well as recreational vehicle storage arrangements.

If you need to use your car regularly, you may prefer outside storing, as this will cost you a less rental. However, most facilities have an interior car storage.

  • Quality Customer Service

Other than providing storage units for your possessions, self-storing facilities also offer packing and moving services. Therefore, you can order for packing and moving supplies along with storage facilities.

For better customer service, most companies offer free automatic credit card billing system. Hence, you can book your storage facility over the phone or through an online reservation service.

Self-storage companies also give their clients the freedom to access their rented space and belongings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and even during holidays. As a customer, you are given access to the facilities’ main entrance so you can access your belongings any time you wish to do so.

In conclusion, when it comes to rental pricing, it is easy to negotiate for a price that is agreeable to your budget. Look around and compare amenities and prices and negotiate a better deal for you.

If you are looking at getting bigger discounts, it would be better to go for a long term lease. However, short term and midterm leasing arrangements are also possible.

How to Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck and Bring a Renewed Sense of Beauty to Your Backyard

stamped concrete pool deck


If your concrete pool deck is damaged, replacing it with new concrete will certainly cost you a lot of money. To avoid this, you can simply resurface the concrete pool deck to give an enhanced sense of beauty to your backyard without spending much money.

Though most of you would think that hiring an independent contractor is the best option to get this job done, not many homeowners know that if you are a motivated Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, you can easily manage this task of resurfacing your pool deck.




  • In addition to the standard coloring improvement, the kind of concrete resurfacing overlay you choose to apply to your concrete pool deck should also be capable of stamping an artistic look and texture. This is also known as stamped concrete and it also suits your aesthetic desires.
  • The prices of the several varieties of concrete overlay products available in the market are also different based on their characteristics and salient features. So take that into consideration while you take a decision on which one to go for.
  • Usually, there are some harmful chemicals found in pool systems that you need to take care of in order to avoid any accidents. It’s also advisable to have a non-skid element in the concrete overlay product for the same reason.
  • While you are resurfacing your pool area, you may choose a resurfacing overlay that takes care of these concerns. Some of them are resistant to the chemicals and also have a non-skid element blended into the concrete overlay material.
  • Before you start with the concrete overlay project, clean the pool deck thoroughly. In case there are some cracks or chips on the existing concrete surface, repair those before applying a new concrete overlay to the existing surface.
  • Most importantly, whichever product you use, don’t let the concrete overlay material get into the water in your swimming pool. You can guard your pool system by draining it or, better still, use a pool cover to shield the water from the coating material to be used for resurfacing the concrete pool deck. A little care is all that is required.
  • Take a water hose and lightly drench the concrete pool deck area to begin with before applying a thin coat of cement paste to the concrete surface.
  • Use standard cement sculpting tools and evenly apply the concrete overlay product to the entire pool deck area and also make sure to work the pool deck coating into deep impressions wherever required. Be careful while you are spreading the resurfacing compound thin and flat and do not leave any marks.
  • If you want to stamp patterns into the resurfacing compound, you will have to apply the stamps while you are working your way across the pool deck because once you move on, the concrete resurfacing compound will become flat and you will have to trade over the wet pool deck to stamp the patterns.
  • Read all product labels carefully before resurfacing your concrete pool deck to make sure that all circumstantial issues are taken care of. Also, depending on the kind of concrete coating you are using, you will have to allow ample time for the resurfacing compound to dry.


colourful brain


To enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve by encouraging individual expression and communication through arts education. WWA programs provide motivating learning opportunities and a passionate community to encourage emerging to professional fine artists.


Help photographic artists and aspiring artists achieve their goals.
Offer workshops on creative, practical and thought provoking topics.
Promote exhibition of work.
Provide interactive public programs with workshop participants and instructors.
Provide an open and inviting community for the exchange of ideas.

Establish a series of workshops and classes with local contemporary artists in a number of USA and international locations, starting with Denver, Colorado. The majority of these workshops will be taught by artists whose work has achieved national recognition and who are continuing to produce new work.

Establish an exchange program for artists to teach in cities outside their own, enabling their work to be seen and their approach to be taught to people who might otherwise not have that opportunity. This exchange will also encourage the continued development and expansion of the national and international art community.



Provide young people the opportunity to explore the art of photography.
Offer fun and informative classes.
Invite creative thought
Invite the use of practical skills (logic, math, science).
Develop interpersonal skills and encourage self esteem.
Encourage the use of photography as communication and free expression.



Passion is contagious.




Working with Artists is a nonprofit art school offering programs focused in the photographic arts. Workshops and classes are offered year-round in our professional studio and digital classroom. WWA is located in Block 7 at Belmar, a contemporary arts and design community in Lakewood Colorado. Backcountry and international workshops in Europe, Indonesia and Australia are also offered through our Travels with Artists program. Each Travels with Artists program features a cultural exchange and opportunities to work with regional artists in their home countries.

Established as a Colorado corporation by Marsea Wynne and Ursula Holloway in August of 2001, Working with Artists has been running year-round programs in fine art photography continuously since its inception. The school received nonprofit status as an educational organization in January 2002. In 2002 Valerie Wolny (Photogoddess) joined the organization as a part time volunteer and was hired in 2005 as Associate Director/Gallery Manager. Working with Artists contracts with local fine artists and also invites celebrated artists from other parts of the world to teach a variety of programs to a diverse student body, from all walks of life, teenagers to retirees. International programs in Spain, France, Australia and Indonesia involve the participation of artists native to those countries, creating a true cultural exchange between instructors and participants, during workshops and beyond.

Youth programs have been presented for numerous public schools, museums and through community arts organizations, including Artstreet, Museum of Outdoor Arts, Art Students League of Denver and Lake Middle School. Ongoing youth programs include day and multi-week camps at the WWA studio and in our digital classroom.

Changing gallery exhibits, monthly Art & Ideas gatherings, Coffee with Jurors, a Photo Book Club, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, and annual Workshop Sample Days are held free of charge to encourage the exchange of ideas and provide an opportunity for photographers to get input from their peers about their works in progress.

Working with Artists’’ ideals are steeped in concepts from Denver’s original fine art photography school, Denver Center for Fine Photography and creators of that program now advise WWA as Board members. In that orginal program, participants experienced the inspiration that comes from taking workshops with artists who have achieved an extraordinary level of quality and passion in their work. This was a place for artists and workshop participants to gather, share ideas and learn from each other. After DCFP closed its doors, the need remained for workshops that would motivate and inspire photographers to intensify their involvements in photographic arts, and Working with Artists was created to meet this need.

Instructors for Working with Artists are chosen for their teaching skills and their work as fine artists. Most create work which is widely exhibited by commercial and public fine art galleries and collected by major arts institutions including museums and arts centers. Their work is known and collected regionally, nationally and internationally.